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”No part of life is so small and insignificant that it does not allow space for artistic aspirations.”

Gustav Klimt





We are a unique curtains store located in the heart of a manufacturer with 28 years of experience, which offers a premium collection of fabrics and curtain track systems. Our goal is to create a direct bridge between these top textile brands and the final client.

In Romania, we are the only providers of these collections which impress through their exquisite design. Curtain Studio HUB has gathered some of the best brands of the textile market all under the same roof: Création Baumann, Ashley Wilde and Agena Pininfarina.

All the textile brands bring different stylistic techniques while complementing each other perfectly. From a classy attitude to a modern design with a twist we have got it all covered. Furthermore, with the professional Mottura curtain track systems we assure that all the fabrics will be held precisely in place.

The HUB’s program is 9:00 – 17:00, Monday to Friday. For viewing, we invite you to book an appointment.

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